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We have spectacular walks through the bowels of the Agafay desert. 


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If what you like is walking and doing long routes, don’t worry, at AGAFAY RIDERS we have what you need. We have spectacular walks through the bowels of the Agafay desert. You will be able to see up close, touch and know its geological diversity, the stone, the sand …

You will be able to breathe the clean and natural air of the wild nature. You will be able to feel how the sun’s rays warm your skin and how the cold of the night runs through your body forming chills in it. You will be able to stand and contemplate the astonishing vastness of the desert as if it were an ocean of sand and rocks. Enjoy the most beautiful silence you have ever felt.

During the journey and as a culmination, you can also get closer to the Berber families of the desert. Share typical foods with them like couscous and warm your body with a hot tea. And if you wish, you can even spend a whole night in their company under the most spectacular and brilliant starry cloak you will ever see.

If walking is your thing, but you also want to enjoy other ways of knowing the virtues of the desert, we can combine the walks with motorized vehicle trips such as Quads and Buggies.

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